The essence of the “ponca” soil of our mother-land is the lifeblood of our vines.
It is this distinctive character blended with a pronounced minerality, sapidity and strength of our wines that contributes to the unique and unforgettable sense of place of this eastern edge of Friuli. Collio: our land
Besides being the land of the prestigious DOC zone, the Collio is geologically unique as it features layers of soil containing marl of Eocene origin; an ideal bed for the vines. Zegla: our home.
Zegla, a cru in the heart of the Collio.
Zegla is a succession of slopes that cross the Collio Friulano up to Slovenia. It is more than just vineyards: it is the garden where the well recognised great whites grow. Perfectly sheltered from the harsh winds it has a microclimate that is ideal for the vines. In just a few hectares of land, there is a concentration of élite wines that express the true spirit of the Collio.
DOC Collio, with its 1,300 hectares of vineyards, is among the most prestigious wine zones of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Tradition and culture of winemaking as well as the natural features have contributed to the unique DNA of this land, which produces particularly elegant, well structured and sapid wines. The Collio, which spreads out from east to west, forms a sort of half moon and such particular development yields a qualitatively homogeneous production.
A well recognised area.
Ponca soil is made up of stratified marls and sandstone of eocenic origin. This is why you can easily find marine fossils in the vineyards.
The “terroir” of the Collio, is a perfect blend of climate and soil: a combination which the vine – an extremely adaptable plant yet sensitive to the conditions of the ecosystem it lives and develops in – benefits enormously. The typical soil, the so-called “ponca” – sandstone marl of Eocene origin, the result of stratifications of millions of years –rich in minerals and microelements give the wine of this area its unique and unmistakable connotation. While tending to the vines we often come across pieces of evidence of our past…

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