Pinot Grigio 2018

The completely new
rose: of berry and fruit,
to drink.

International grape variety and world-renowned wine par excellence, pinot grigio has been a tireless traveller for decades. On our one we wanted to bestow a unique character trait in its colouring. The pink “pheasants eye” is the result of our maniacal efforts to preserve the peculiar dominant chromatic tones of the grape skins and steer well clear of that ‘exasperating orange’.

A pinot grigio capable of unlocking strong fruity notes, good acidity, and an innate freshness with a finish of great elegance.

  • Our organic approach to the vineyard involves compliance with a large number of rules and staying true to a genuine philosophy which profoundly respects the ecosystem and its cycles. And not just the life-cycles of the vines but also the lunar cycles, on which we base our yearly calendar in guiding our work in vineyard and wine cellar. It is, in fact, the phases of the moon that establish time and manner. And we actually pick all the grapes separately. This process involves considerable effort and is done following the lunar calendar. But it pays us big dividends: because it has brought us back a healthy environment, huge biodiversity, and the extraordinarily rich largesse bestowed by all the plants, herbs, flowers and insects that live in the vineyard and contribute naturally to the sustainability and preservation of the ecosystem.

  • Average vineyard age: 35 years
    Vine system: Cappuccina ( double arched cane ) Harvesting period: end of September
    Grape harvest: by hand
    Area of Production: Cormòns (Gorizia)

  • The grapes are destemmed and subjected to cryomaceration (cold maceration) with the “Ganymede” system, at 8° C for 48 hours. This allows for a gentle and effective extraction of noble substances, using the natural properties of the fermentation gas that continues to circulate within the macerator. Dynamic pellicular maceration takes place in an environment completely saturated with carbon dioxide to ensure protection from oxidation or bacterial proliferation. At the end of the maceration, must and skins are placed in the press and again in steel to continue fermentation on indigenous yeasts at controlled temperature. The natural fermentation takes place at a temperature of 18° C. It is followed by aging on the lees for about 6 months and bottling.

  • Enchanting and progressive, with generous freshness, an aroma of peach and apricot, wisteria and white flowers. The delicate Pheasant’s Eye rose gives it surprising and alluring glamour, anticipating its richness. Fresh and fruity, it surprises the palate with an unexpected explosion of the boscage of the forest and delicate inflorescences. Good acidity, with a sapid close of great elegance in a decidedly splendid finish.

  • A remarkably versatile wine, even as an aperitif, pairing its elegant freshness perfectly with appetizers and fish dishes, whether raw or cooked, such as shellfish and crustaceans. To drink all year round, a star performer for summer days.

    ALCOHOL: 13% vol
    TOTAL ACIDITY: 5,60 g/l

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