Friulano 2018

A transcendent wine
handed down by
our forebears to
our children

In our native local tongue, when among friends, we continue to say, even today, “bevìnsi un taj”. Which means “let’s have a tot or two” (a glass). This ritual has been repeated since time immemorial, long before wine became fashionable and deeply intellectual. At that time, the ends of the known world and the columns of hercules that bounded it were the wooden benches around the hearth (fogolàr). At most, the walls of the house, or the mulberry tree at the bottom of the vineyard. And the glass that everyone shared was tocai friulano: or simply “il friulano. The seasons came and went under the sun and moon and children became parents. Our vineyard is now organic: our rituals and our good soil will be handed down down the generations and preserved. For a long, long time to come.


  • Our organic approach to the vineyard involves compliance with a large number of rules and staying true to a genuine philosophy which profoundly respects the ecosystem and its cycles. And not just the life-cycles of the vines but also the lunar cycles, on which we base our yearly calendar in guiding our work in vineyard and wine cellar. It is, in fact, the phases of the moon that establish time and manner. And we actually pick all the grapes separately. This process involves considerable effort and follows the lunar calendar. But it yields superb results by bringing back to us a healthy environment, huge biodiversity, and the extraordinarily rich largesse bestowed by all the plants, herbs, flowers and insects that live in the vineyard and contribute naturally to the sustainability and preservation of the ecosystem.

  • Average vineyard age: 50 years
    Vine system: Cappuccina ( double arched cane ) Harvesting period: end of September
    Grape harvest: by hand
    Area of Production: Cormòns (Gorizia)

  • The grapes are destemmed and subjected to active fermentation with the “Ganymede” system. This allows for a gentle and effective extraction of noble substances, using the natural properties of the fermentation gas that continues to circulate within the macerator. Dynamic pellicular maceration takes place in an environment completely saturated with carbon dioxide to ensure protection from oxidation or bacterial proliferation.

    Natural fermentation takes place at a temperature of 18° C, with grape skins and must in contact for a week. At the point when extraction starts to become critical, delestage racking is carried out using static draining. The grape must and skins are put in the press and again in steel vats to continue fermentation on indigenous lees at a controlled temperature, which is then followed by ageing on the lees for about 6 months and after that bottling.

  • Flint on the nose. Then toasted almond and a hint of incense that conveys us somewhere far off in time. Its colour a straw-hued light yellow with greenish hints. Complex and elegant, ours tastes of ripe pear and acacia flowers.

  • To be offered only to the best of friends. With our glass of Friulano before us, we recount our tales. In its pellucid gold one catches a glimpse of the outline of our hills at Pradis, Russiz and Zegla. Friulano embraces only that which is authentic. It loves San Daniele ham, which melts in the mouth like a smile, and everything that our land and tradition here offer us all year round whether it be asparagus risotto cold cuts, local cheeses or locally sourced white meats or a thick minestra soup made with fresh, tasty vegetables.

    ALCOHOL: 13% vol
    TOTAL ACIDITY: 5,40 g/l

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