The distinctive signature of our organic labels is that of free flowing marks, like the clouds that float through our sky, and like the tufts of wild grass the grow between the our vines.
100% Organic,
100% Collio.
Our organic wines maintain the authentic fragrance of the grapes and the identity of the vine.
It is from the land that all is born, and it is to the land that all returns.
Back to basics: fo craft organic wines means taking a step forward while looking back to the long-standing experience of our fathers.
It means to move at a different pace.
It means to safeguard the wholeness of the fruit.
To preserve the richness and integrity of the soil, vineyard treatments only consist of topical applications of sulphur or copper-based solutions.
No chemical weed control is carried out: in spring the vineyard bursts into life, the cover crops are tilled in to improve the vitality of the soil, affording the vines new nourishment.

And there is more.
In the winemaking process we only use organic yeast. We want freshness and crispness in our wines.
We want them to be genuine though stylis hand firm with a pleasant mouthfeel, and floral with a clean finish.
Now take a closer look.
The label is printed on high-fibre cotton paper, which is pleasant to the touch; a label that is sustainable and helps safeguard forests.
Moreover, with the intent of reducing our ecological footprint even further, we have reduced the weight of the bottles.

Our organic wines

Pinot grigio
Ribolla Gialla
Andritz Bianco

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