structure and nature
We are constantly evolving. We are like the earth. It looks fixed and immovable but actually is perpetually reinventing itself. We are like our wines, ever-evolving and telling the story of the seasons, the structure and character of this terroir.
The new classics.
La forma è contenuto.
Form is substance.
Our new classics’ look says it all. Flowing emblems that evoke the three-dimensionality of the nearby Zegla Hills, right down each one of their folds. Lines that reveal the basic forms deposited in the “Ponca” soil formed by the structures of tiny shells and sedimentary architecture slumbering for millennia in the eocene marl. It is the DNA of life that stirs the vine. Endless circularity.

Elegance, by nature:
Elegance in every sense
If wine tasting is an experience of the taste and smell, perception begins with touch. That’s why we have chosen sensuous soft-touch paper and the beautifully fine textured layers as bright as flashes of light inside a chalice.
Organic farming.
Utmost respect for the cycles of nature, sustainable practices, meticulous attention in the vineyard and the winery all to craft fresh, mineral wines, true expression of this terroir and its scents.
Elegant wines, by nature.
Two brothers, a father, one terroir.
Denis, Oscar e Patrick Sturm.

Sturm. Our wines over time.
We have inherited the fundamentals from our father: passion, a deep sense of our land, our culture.
We then left on our journeys to experience the wines of the Rhine region and the aged wines of France.
This is the background of our evolution in winemaking. We strive for structure and ageability.
The essence of elegance, of crisp wine that lasts in time.
Zegla, a cru in the heart of the Collio.
Zegla is a succession of rolling slopes in the heart of the Collio. It is more than just vineyards: it is the garden where great Friulan whites grow.
Our forefathers, native of Andritz, arrived here from Austria in the early 1800s and decided that this was a good land to put down roots.
It is here that we, the Sturm family, have been producing our well-recognised wines for three generations.

Classic line


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