STURM Friulano


Stubborn and reliable. Father to all Friulan wines.

A self-important wine. It is to the father you always need to look back to: the father to all Friulan wines; the source and remainder of the past, and the new page of a chapter yet to be written. This wine evolves in an extraordinary manner. Thrifty and essential, just like an old farmer: wise and strong as superhero. The Friulano is the hub. Very self-important, but very rightly so!

Star sign: Taurus. Favourite colour: yellow, obviously.

Wine profile

100% Friulano
  • Average vineyard age: 50 years
  • Average number of vines per hectare: 3,000
  • Vine system: Cappuccina (double arched cane)
  • Average yield: 60 hl/ha
  • Harvesting period: end of September
  • Grape harvest: by hand
  • Area of Production: Cormòns (Gorizia)
The grapes are de-stemmed and cold macerated for 24 hours. Fermentation is carried out in stainless steel tanks under a controlled temperature (16 - 18°C). This wine spends 6 months on the lees and is then bottled.
Tasting profile
Strong, persistent, refined, demure. The colour of this wine is a brilliant and clear straw yellow. The aroma is typical and very pleasant, with hints of acacia flowers, pears, thyme and almond. Even more pleasant in the mouth where the flavours and aromas mingle in a refined and wrapping manner.  
Food pairing
It is excellent as a drink. In the Collio area it is a classic for aperitifs. It pairs very well with prosciutto and salami, or cured meats in general. It also pleasantly completes fish-based dishes, fresh and mature cheeses.
Serving temperature
13,5% vol
Total acidity
5,4 g/l

Packaging options

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  • cases of 3/6/12

    cases of 3/6/12

  • single 1,5l magnum case

    single 1,5l magnum case