Andritz Rosso

A rare wine. A red wine. The wine.

Self-important. Generous. Giving. Great personality! A wine for special, if not unique, occasions. A wine to treasure and keep, and in time, rediscover. A blend full of character, which envelops with aromas of spicy tobacco, dried prunes and figs, coffee and cocoa beans, dried fruit and finally a back note of very ripe red berries. Andritz Rosso guards the dreams and the identity of its land: it is like experiencing history, travelling, family clans and great stories. Definitely made to be remembered. Perhaps this is why it is unforgettable!

Andritz, homeland and heritage, is the native place in Styria located in the southeast of Austria from where the family’s ancestors left, over a century ago, to set their roots in the Collio.

Star sign: Leo. Favourite colour: blood red.

Wine profile

70% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Average vineyard age: 25 years
  • Average number of vines per hectare: 4,000
  • Vine system: Guyot
  • Average yield: 40 hl/ha
  • Harvesting period: first ten days of October
  • Grape harvest: by hand
  • Area of Production: Cormòns (Gorizia)
The grapes are de-stemmed and are left to macerate in wood for 20 to 25 days. During this period the fermentation is assisted by regular remontage, delestage and air mixing. The wine is then racked in oak barrels where it ages for 20 months before being bottled. Before going on the shelf the wine ages in the bottle for 2 years.
Tasting profile
Refined, elegant, spicy, mineral, complex, authoritative. Deep ruby red with purple hues. The nose offers a warm and enveloping bouquet ranging from ripe red berries down to leather and spices passing through dried fruit and liquorice. In the mouth it is complex, intense and harmonious. Notes of blueberry, plum, dried figs, coffee and cacao can be perceived.
Food pairing
Veal knuckle roast, roast lamb, grilled red meat liver, are but a few of the many dishes that match perfectly with this great blend.
Serving temperature
14,0% vol
Total acidity
5,4 g/l

Packaging options

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  • 3+3 wooden case

    3+3 wooden case

  • single 1,5l magnum wooden case

    single 1,5l magnum wooden case