Come meet the winemaker, and discover his wines.

Tasting a wine is an important experience. Taking part in a wine tasting session at our winery is an extraordinary opportunity to be close to the vineyards where the grapes grow and get to know the winemaker. It is the best occasion to become more aware of the winery’s philosophy, the processes and amount of work behind the crafting of a wine.

We generally start our guided tours from the vineyard, peeping into the winery and the caves to learn about the processes and end the experience in our comfortable tasting room. Along the tour we will introduce our wines, one by one, and you will get a clear close up of our winemaking processes.

Guided tours and tasting sessions are to be booked in advance. Book your guided tour and wine tasting session in advance to have a better chance of availability: send an email to sturm@sturm.it or call us at +39 0481 60720 and in case leave a message; you will be contacted.